We can assist you with 1031 DST real estate transactions.

NexTrend Securities provides investment options for individuals and institutions regarding 1031 DST real estate Exchanges.

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We can help you identify your 1031 DST replacement property.

Since 1997 NexTrend Securities has operated through many different market conditions and business cycles.

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NexTrend Securities is unique in that our focus is on 1031 DST exchanges.

NexTrend Securities can provide you access to a wide range of 1031 exchange properties

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Investors should work with an experienced financial professional to help ensure their 1031 DST Exchange is executed properly.

Sell Your Property

As you sell your property, the proceeds are escrowed with a qualified intermediary

Qualified Intermediary

The Qualified Intermediary transfers the funds towards the purchase of an exchange or replacement property.

Replacement Property

The exchange property or properties must be identified within 45 days of the closing date of the original property sale.

Understanding 1031 Exchanges

 NexTrend Securities can help you identify 1031 DST Exchange properties

What are some advantages of the 1031 DST?

We are active participants in the fractional investment real estate and 1031 exchange arena.

  • Monthly rental income
  • No toilets, tenants or trash headaches
  • No burdens of property management
  • Properties nationwide
  • Portfolio diversification

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NexTrend Securities is unique in that our focus is on 1031 DST exchanges. The firm's objective is to help real estate investors with their 1031 DST Exchanges.